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"...your (Richard) scores on specific areas of the member survey...were amont the best in the world. Your scores of 9.60 and 9.20 in the areas of 'The take-away value provided by my one-to-one sessions', and "in my group, there is a culture of continuous improvement and learning' were in the top 15 among all Chairs receiving a Chair feedback report!"


Richard J. Bell is a Group Master Chair with Vistage International, Inc., "The World's Largest CEO Membership Organization" providing their service offerings to CEOs/Presidents/Owners, Key Executives, and Trusted Advisors in the Greater Silicon Valley, San Francisco, and Lower East Bay Areas of Northern California.


Richard brings more than 35 years of general business experience to his role as a Vistage Group Chair and, in addition,  more than 15,000 hours of one-to-one and executive development experience from his professional services background.


The results are: his Vistage Group members "outperform." They make better decisions, faster.  Their growth and bottom line outperform non-Vistage member companies.  And, his members report that they experience a more balanced life.


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Richard J. Bell


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